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The agent of hotels vouchers wholesaler with its home-basis in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta or Jogja is the most popular tourist destination in Java , an island of Indonesia. PT Chacha Tour and Travel provides you with particular information concerning tour destinations, hotels and various services at visit Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta or Jogja

Blenduk Church

Blenduk Church

Its rich and encient cultural heritage has made Yogyakarta (commonly pronounced by Jogjakarta or Jogja) become the mos popular tourist destination in Java. Its ancient time as the central of the Mataram Kingdom, deeply rooted in the Hindu and Buddist Kingdoms, has bequeathed Jogja with the miracle inheritance of thousand-year-old Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. and numerous small temple surrounding.

The growing situation has encouraged the Kingdom of Modern Mataram merely take its significant leadership in the culture and tradition courses. The existing Palace or Kraton has been carefully constructed to form the miniature model of the Javanese cosmos where gunung Merapi (fiery Mountain), the most active volcano, and the scenic and alluring in sand dunes of Parangtritis beach should be kept in harmonious line to it. The old royal sunken bath pools at Taman Sari complex is as Water Castle because of its imposing structure. The nature’s statements in this region – the smoldering volcanoes, jagged limestone cliffs, and violently pounding surf- are unquestionably powerful.

Antigue Market Triwindu

Antigue Market Triwindu

Jogjanese has run for years the traditional handicrafts of batik, and silver as well, manually produced at Kota Gede serving as the first capital of Mataram Kingdom. The ceremonies applied in the societies has flourished the craftsmanship of puppet and gamelan music instruments. The innovative artistic cultural basis clay ceramics are also fashionable.

The peace and hospitality of Jogjanese give you a feeling of comfort and safety to wonder on bike, becak (pedicab), and andong (horse cart) along the busies street, Malioboro. Its broad sidewalks lined with the array of vendors, hawkers and artisans offer characteristic refreshing atmosphere after the stores hour. Lesehan food stalls visitors will be readily entertained by the street musicians.

Geographically, its has easy access to get to Solo or Surakarta, the sister city of Jogja, and to Semarang. Semarang is a steeply rising hills town at the noth coast. An old Chinese temple- SampooKong- at this town is taken into use by two religious communities, Kong Futju and Islam.

chacha-tour-5tAn overland tour heading east, from Jogja to Malang, Bromo and Ijen crater, is tiring but impressive trip. Malang, a small town where the northwest of it known as colonial suburbia, is surrounded by the hill resort.. Bromo, the desolate and eery volcanic moonscapes, as well as Ijen, the pale green active crater lake, offer incredible adventure.

We are ready at our best service to take you you to any destination all aver Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Lombok, Bali, Pulau Bintan, etc. The answer to your curiosity is just visiting Jogja. You are warmly welcomed.